Do you need a website?

Of course we're in the business of designing Web sites, so naturally we're going to encourage you to hire us for that important job. In answering your question, "Do I need a Web site?" we simply can't think of a single reason to say "no." But instead of just saying "no," we'll ask you six questions.

  • Do you actively market your business?
  • Do you have more to tell customers and prospects than space allows in a brochure?
  • Does your competition have a web presence?
  • Is serving your customer in every way possible a key value in your organization?
  • Are you spending too much time on the phone, answering questions and explaining things to people who just want general information?
  • Do you spend too much time making a sale?

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Smart Ideas:

  • Online lead generation

    Use your website as a marketing system that will create a steady flow of leads without having to subject yourself to cold calling or to purchase leads or mailing lists.

  • Viral sharring

    AddThis helps website publishers and bloggers spread their content across the web by making it easy for visitors to bookmark and share content to their favorite social destinations.